How We're Different

Our books are up-to-date (LBTN  is updated every January and July and CCLD as needed).

You won’t have to waste valuable class time explaining to your students all of the ways the assigned text is out of date, e.g., that demurrers and motions to strike cannot be brought without first following a specific meet and confer procedure; that C.C.P. Section 12c establishes the method for calculating hearing-related deadlines; that depositions have a time limit; that Expedited Jury Trials exist and that they can now be mandatory, etc.

They cover, in sufficient detail, the procedures unique to California civil litigation.

Some books have too little information; some are too difficult for students.  Ours are “just right.” Take a look at the Table of Contents of each book to see what we mean. We provide as samples outdated versions of the Table of Contents for both books:  LBTN Table of Contents and CCLD Table of Contents.  (If we cover more subjects than you have time for in your course, just skip those chapters.) 

They are written in plain English, with clear and concise examples and instructions. (Please note that the below excerpts are not from the current editions of the books — we update way too often to be changing excerpts here.)

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