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We have the books your students deserve . . . California-specific, up-to-date, and affordable! We also offer a step-by-step Calendaring Video you may show in class! Litigation By The Numbers® (“LBTN”) and California Civil Litigation and  Discovery (“CCLD” or “Substantive Companion”) are not only great, up-to-date, teaching tools, they are affordable, valuable on-the-job resources which students will take with them when they enter the professional world. Together, LBTN and CCLD surpass any other California civil litigation text on the market. That’s why, more and more, instructors are switching to our books.  



  1. The prices shown for LBTN and the CCLD on this website are not applicable to students!  Students receive special discounted pricing. Our books may well cost less than what you are currently using, particularly if you have your students order directly from us.
  2. We know it’s a lot of work to switch books, but once it’s done, your job will be so much easier, and your students so much better off.  We are happy to work with instructors to ease the transition to our books.  Use our syllabus, or ask us for help in tweaking yours.  We can supply lecture notes, review questions, application questions, and more. And the Calendaring Video is invaluable! Get your students calendaring correctly from the outset.  Just give us a call to discuss your needs, focus, etc.  You will speak directly to the author!
  3. Click here to request instructor review copies.
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