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Litigation By The Numbers®

 The Essential California Civil Litigation Handbook – Revised July 2021

There’s a rule for everything in California State Court litigation. The ones you have to follow to prepare and timely file and serve your document could be in the Code of Civil Procedure, the California Rules of Court, or, as is often the case, both! There are mandatory court forms for various procedures as well. Litigation By The Numbers® (“LBTN”) is a California civil litigation practice guide which brings those codes, rules, and forms together in one place and explains the procedures step-by-step. LBTN is relied on throughout California by attorneys and their entire staff. (Watch our short video to see why!) If you are a party to a lawsuit represented by counsel or representing yourself, you’ll find that LBTN goes a long way toward taking the mystery out of the process.

California Civil Litigation and Discovery

California Civil Litigation and Discovery (“CCLD”), updated as of January 2020 (10th Edition), takes a substantive approach to litigation, e.g., what the pleadings should say (naming parties, jurisdiction, stating elements of causes of action), rather than what they look like and how they are filed and served; discovery strategies and drafting hints (scope of discovery, discovery plans, drafting written discovery, objections, and responses) rather than format, limits, and deadlines, etc.

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Calendaring in State Court:

Steps and Traps for the Unwary 

It doesn’t matter how perfect your papers are if they are filed or served late! To calendar correctly in California, one must identify and follow a ridiculous number of rules which change often! Our Calendaring Video will teach you how to do it correctly and point out traps and mistakes you can avoid. If you are representing yourself in court, this video is an absolute must.

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