Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my books?

Orders received by 5:00 p.m. on a business day will typically ship by the next business day. We ship via USPS Priority Mail. Once shipped, delivery time within CA is 1-3 business days.

I'm in the L.A. area. Can I pick my books up instead of having them shipped?

No. Sorry. We’re not set up as a brick and mortar.

Do you offer student discounts?

Yes. Students should contact us for instructions.

Do you have any other books?

No, we do not have any other books.  That means we don’t have an estate planning book, a probate book, a family law book, a book for any other State, an appellate procedure book, or a federal procedure book. Sorry.

Do the books cover Federal or Appellate procedure?

Litigation By The Numbers® covers California state court practice only. There are several references to Federal procedure in California Civil Litigation and Discovery and a short chapter on appeals. A Federal book is in the works!

Where do I go to manage my Update Service Subscription?

To access your account, log into the My Account page.

What's the difference between Litigation By The Numbers® and California Civil Litigation and Discovery (or the Substantive Companion)?

Litigation By The Numbers® focuses on nuts and bolts of format, filing and service deadlines, Judicial Council forms, while California Civil Litigation and Discovery is more substantive. You can get a more detailed chapter-by-chapter explanation and see concrete examples by viewing our selected excerpts page.

Can I buy Litigation By The Numbers® now, and subscribe to the Update Service Subscription separately later?

Absolutely, but you will lose out on the free shipping offer, and you could forget to subscribe later!

Are the books used in law schools, paralegal schools, or legal secretary schools?

Yes! Many paralegal programs in California have adopted one or both of our books as texts for their civil litigation and civil procedure courses, e.g., UC Berkeley, UC Davis, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, Cal State East Bay, San Diego Miramar, MTI College, Oxnard College, etc. Because they are so versatile, our books are also used as texts in California law schools and legal secretary schools. Click HERE for a list of schools that have adopted our books.

I've been out of the California civil litigation market for a while. Is there a way I can find out about changes made over the last few years?

Yes.  You’ll find an article about recent changes to the Code of Civil Procedure, the Rules of Court, and Judicial Council forms by clicking here to view “Are You Rusty On California Procedure”.

Can I find the books in a public law library?

Yes! Public law libraries throughout California have copies of both books at their reference desks. The books are widely used by attorneys, paralegals, and self-represented individuals. Click here to find out where!

What is your return policy?

PDF’s are not returnable; it is physically impossible to do so.

Hard copy books are returnable if they are received within thirty days of purchase in resaleable condition, i.e., no marks, notations, torn pages, bent pages, missing pages, and the like. Given that damage can occur during the shipping process, the buyer should be sure to pack book(s) well in a sturdy box. Return shipping cost must be borne by the buyer.

Upon receipt by us, the books will be inspected, page by page, and a decision as to resaleability will then be made. If they are in resaleable condition, a refund will be promptly issued for the price of the item and applicable tax. Shipping charges paid upon purchase are not refundable.

If the books are not in resaleable condition, refunds will not be issued. The buyer will be notified of the decision, in which event, buyer may elect to have the books shipped back upon paying a return shipping charge. [In more than 15 years of business, we have denied a refund once. The books were returned to us, clearly having been copied – the pages were collated backward and several pages showed copies of holes, so there was the actual punched hole and then a shadow from the original 3-hole page that had been copied.]