LBTN & CCLD Excerpts

PLEASE NOTE: You may view excerpts from both books here. Because the excerpts may be from earlier versions of our books, they should not be relied upon for content. Instead, please view them as examples of what the publications contain and how they are organized and written so that you can decide whether they would be beneficial to you or your staff.

Excerpts from Litigation By The Numbers® (“LBTN”)

Please start by taking a look at LBTN’s Table of Contents.  By seeing how the book is organized and the chapters broken down, you can get an idea of the “task-oriented” nature of the book as well as its step-by-step approach.

Excerpts from California Civil Litigation and Discovery  (“CCLD” or “Substantive Companion”)

Note that the focus is more substantive as opposed to procedural, and it covers topics not addressed in LBTN, e.g., jurisdiction, elements of causes of action, discovery plans, deposition summaries, trial, appeal.