LBTN & CCLD Excerpts

What’s the difference between LBTN and CCLD?

Litigation By The Numbers® focuses on the nuts and bolts of format, filing and service deadlines, Judicial Council forms, etc., relating to pleadings, discovery, motions, and more, while California Civil Litigation and Discovery is more substantive. They are not duplicative.

Please note that LBTN has an entire section on Discovery.

The best way to see the differences in approach and coverage is to view the excerpts.

PLEASE NOTE: You may view selected excerpts from both books here. Because the excerpts may be from earlier versions of our books, they should not be relied upon for content. Instead, please view them as examples of what the publications contain and how they are organized and written so that you can decide whether they would be beneficial to you or your staff.

Excerpts from Litigation By The Numbers® (“LBTN”)

If you want to see more, you may view the entirety of the January 2017 version here.

Excerpts from California Civil Litigation and Discovery  (“CCLD” or “Substantive Companion”)