LBTN Update Service

Why It’s Important

In California, changes are made to codes, rules, and forms every January and every July.  The author monitors those changes well before they are implemented, and has often been involved in the changes themselves [see comment matrix].  Nine times out of ten, those changes affect the accuracy of Litigation By The Numbers®.

Every legal professional needs to keep up on current rules!

  • Do not purchase any procedural guide without first checking when it was last updated and how often it will be updated.
  • Make sure it’s updated twice yearly, and that changes go out before they go into effect!
  • Make sure you get replacement pages, not pocket parts.
  • Make sure the replacement pages come with an explanation of the changes. 

Our Update Service does all that and more.  See the January 2011 Update Service cover memo.

For less than $7.00 per month our Update Service provides you with a cost-effective, hassle-free way to ensure that your copy has the latest rules, codes, and forms – so it remains as up-to-date as it was on the date of your initial purchase. Customers who initially purchased their books as far back as 2003, and have continuously subscribed to the Update Service, rely on the same material being sold today!

What It Costs

  • The Update Service (two updates per year) is only $80.00 per year.
  • Buy it at the same time you buy LBTN to get free shipping ($9.50 savings).

How to Subscribe for Future Updates

  • Subscribe online to receive Updates to be issued in the future by selecting LBTN Update Service and your payment frequency.

How to Get Back Updates

The last two Updates issued may be purchased online. If you are missing more than two Updates, your book is too old to update. (We sell current materials and only go backward as a courtesy.) Please if you are in this situation, buy a new book and subscribe to the Update Service so that this does not happen again.

If you have any questions, call us at 818.787.9799 or email