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Civil litigation instructors throughout California use Litigation By The Numbers® and California Civil Litigation and Discovery as required texts in their civil litigation courses. They report that, compared to the books they switched from, ours are easier to understand and more comprehensive. Students are performing better, making the instructor’s job easier. Instructors also appreciate knowing that they have selected a book that their students will take with them when they enter the professional world.

“I’ve been meaning to follow-up with you, and inform you of how much I LOVE, and how much my students LOVED the books! Thank you for creating such AMAZING and PRACTICAL REAL “LIFE” textbooks.”

Laneshia Judon, Esq. – Instructor, Riverside Community College – Paralegal Studies

“Thank you for writing this amazing book!! I loved it when I was a student at Santa Ana Community College, and continue to use it at the office. I’ve now chosen to use it in the Civil Lit class I am teaching at UCSB, and I am excited to share all of the great tools I learned from it.”

Michelle DeRoche – Paralegal and Instructor, UCSB Paralegal Studies

“I love your book, as do the students. I teach this every Spring (not in the Fall), so every chance I get I assign the book.”

Lilys McCoy, Director of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law Center for Solo Practitioners and the Director of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law National Trial Team

“I’ve adopted the Litigation By The Numbers textbooks for all of my civil litigation and civil forms classes at Oxnard College and Cerro Coso Community College. LBTN along with its companion text California Civil Litigation and Discovery is a complete “how to manual” that combines legal theory with practical application information on everything that a paralegal will need to know to do competent work in California state court litigation matters. There is nothing like it anywhere and nothing that prepares paralegal for their professional positions better than these two books.

Jerry Lulejian, (full time) Professor, Oxnard College – Paralegal Studies and (adjunct online) Cerro Coso Community College

“Your books have been a great addition to my class because the students get to use “real world” legal resources that are more current than other traditional text books, which is another bonus.  I always encourage the student to keep the binders updated for use during their internship and after graduation.”

Paul Mullen, Instructor, Fresno Community College – Paralegal Studies

“I have always marveled at your book and really push it to my classes to be SO much more than a text, but a superb practice guide.”

Dave Manzer, Esq. – Instructor, South Coast College

“Julie Goren’s books, Litigation By The Numbers and California Civil Litigation and Discovery are fantastic.  We used another textbook when I was at Sonoma State University, but Julie’s books were my first and only choice for the Santa Rosa Junior College program.  Together, they provide very comprehensive coverage, excellent examples, valuable tips, and reminders.  Most importantly, LBTN is updated twice a year, so I am confident that the material is absolutely current.  With all of these features, the set not only functions as a paralegal student text, but LBTN is a fabulous reference that students will rely upon in the workplace.

“As far as customer service goes, there is no comparison to working with Julie vs. a national publisher. I get to communicate directly with the author!  Unheard of.  Students receive their books in record time as orders are typically processed within one day and shipped from California. When LBTN is updated, Julie sends instructor updates highlighted to show changes from the prior version. Last, and certainly not least, Julie responds immediately and effectively to requests and questions. By way of example, Julie prepared customized materials especially for my Legal Calendaring class, which required only a specific section of LBTN. Bottom line:  I can’t recommend this set highly enough.”

Joni Boucher, Instructor, Santa Rosa Junior College – Paralegal Studies

I am a litigation instructor in the Fresno City College Paralegal Program and Litigation By The Numbers is our course book. Love it!!!

Debbie Dodd, Instructor, Fresno City College

“Although I am clearly biased, I cannot say enough about how the combination of Litigation By The Numbers and the companion text, California Civil Litigation and Discovery, has changed my classes.  My students more readily understand and apply principles and techniques with clarity–which translates into projects that are professional in content and appearance on the first draft.  Dozens of my students have remarked about how succinct and understandable the text is.  Students whose primary language is not English have found the text clear and easy to understand.  Many others have commented that they use it in their workplace along with the LBTN binder, during class and long afterwards.  As an added bonus (to my students as well as to myself) my class grades have improved tremendously and consistently since changing from Luten and Rutter.” 

Barb Pollinger, J.D. – Instructor at Santa Ana College and Fullerton College

“This is the fourth (or fifth?) class in which I have used Litigation By The Numbers for my paralegal students. I find LBTN to be both student and instructor user-friendly and that it fits perfectly with my 10-week class, which includes 2 weeks on Discovery. The information is clearly presented and, due to Julie’s timely updates, is both current and accurate.  In addition, former students often tell me how useful LBTN is once they’re “out in the real world.” Nothing I’ve seen yet comes close.”

Steven Pinsker, Esq. – University of California at Santa Barbara

“I have used LBTN and the Substantive Companion – in my paralegal classes at American River College for several years. I believe these texts to be the best available on the market on the subject of civil litigation for paralegals. Julie has been very thorough and responsive in providing regular updates to the texts and in incorporating changes suggested by instructors and students. . . .LBTN is clear, concise and is especially useful insofar as the step by step instructions are concerned.  I particularly like the examples of the custom drafted forms.  This gives the students a good example of how certain pleadings should be formatted. I would recommend LBTN not only as a textbook but also as a practical guide for use by paralegals and legal secretaries who are involved in civil litigation practice.”

Steve Johanson, Esq. – Instructor, American River College

“[It is] a wonderful classroom instructional manual and resource that students will be able to take with them when they go to work in law offices.”

William B. Dixon, Paralegal Program Director – South Coast College

Litigation By The Numbers is working out quite well.  The students love having something tangible that they can look at and relate to when I am discussing their assignments.  They appreciate the step by step approach you take with the creation of all of the documents.”

Dr. Steven Dayton, Department Coordinator for Paralegal Studies – Fullerton College

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