Testimonials from Students

“I am currently in the Criminal Justice program at CSUSB with a paralegal emphasis and a minor in pre-law. Last semester I took Fundamentals of Litigation. Although they were not required or recommended texts for the course, I bought LBTN and CCLD. I received an A in my class and I can say that those two books were the reason (they took a hard subject and made it easy). I highly recommend both books! These are two books that I am not going to sell off. I am keeping them for reference.”

James Humble-Sanchez, Senior CSUSB

“My professor always told us to make sure we never lose this book because we would regret it. I’m sure glad I listened because I’m working for a litigation lawyer now and it’s been very helpful!”

Christina Munoz, Paralegal

“Your book has been a great resource for me in my internship while working through law school.”

Dushawn Johnson, Student, San Joaquin College of Law

“For our first assignment I read LBTN over and over to make sure nothing was overlooked or omitted, and my instructor commented on the perfection of my first ever motion which I drafted from scratch.”

Danika Gregory, student, UC San Diego Paralegal Program

“I love that the text is so much more than a “textbook.” It is a guide that I can carry around with me and use on a regular basis. Thank you for creating such a wonderful resource.”

Monica, student, UC Berkeley Paralegal Program


Cheryl West, student, Fresno City College Paralegal Program

“Litigation By The Numbers is such a strong resource tool. I highly recommend having your own copy then keeping it current.”

Diane Rames, student, Cal State East Bay Paralegal Program

“I have had this book now since graduating the UC Davis program [2005] and have used to it to the point of falling apart! This was one of the best perks of our program and I absolutely rely on, and love this book. I recommend it to any and everyone I know in the legal field and who goes through any legal schooling.  It is a great product, thank you!”

Macie R. Mc Kinstry, Paralegal to John L. Cammack

“Great book. Used in in my civil lit class for paralegals at [American River College]. Definitely recommend it. … Your book made it much easier, as it was laid out perfectly for a novice to follow through and learn. I think that I have notes and highlights on every page. I have it on my bookshelf and have referred to it in some of my other paralegal classes.” 

Harold Dahl, student, American River College Paralegal Program

“I strongly recommend Julie’s course and books. I’m confident that I’ll continually refer to Julie’s texts when working in litigation.” 

Alan Bell, student, UC Berkeley Paralegal Program

“I used Julie’s books, as part of my paralegal studies [at UC Berkeley] and was very impressed how she untangled the labyrinth of California rules and procedures into an easy-to-use, step-by-step guide. Julie takes you by the hand and walks you through the procedures of a California civil lawsuit – from filing the initial complaint through the resolution of the case. Julie breaks down the codes, procedures, forms, and calendaring in easy to use reference charts and tables. She does a great job in calling your attention to those pesky exceptions to the rules!”  

Frank Yamrus, student, UC Berkeley Paralegal Program

“For a paralegal, new attorney or student of the law, it is an excellent resource and falls into the KISS category of book — keep it simple stupid.”

Jason P. Gold, Paralegal

“The books have helped tremendously, not only in my personal life, but also in my paralegal courses. They will continue to be a reference tool after I graduate and join others in the paralegal profession.  I will continue to use them daily to enhance my skills and ensure my legal paperwork is always professional and accurate.  I would recommend the book set and update service to every paralegal student, recent graduate or law office as a “must have” item.”

Christopher Bellegia, student, Santa Ana College Paralegal Program


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