Instructor Testimonials – Calendaring Video

 “Julie Goren’s calendaring video has something for everyone! Novices and people who have been working in the legal field for years, will learn the ins and outs of this most important legal-related skill. These code sections can be so confusing! Ms. Goren makes calendaring less overwhelming with her four, clear steps of calendaring. Ms. Goren takes the viewer through the steps, including careful review of each of the applicable rules, in a logical, and organized manner. As an educator in a BA Legal Studies and paralegal certificate program, I required my students to watch the calendaring video. Then we did more calendaring exercises in class. Having the opportunity to see the rules explained in the video, learn the common calendaring mistakes, and go through exercises at their own pace, was the key to my students’ success in grasping the terms and rules of calendaring. My students and I loved this video, and know it will help those who watch it with calendaring.

Juliet Jonas, Core Faculty, Legal Studies, John F. Kennedy University, College of Undergraduate Studies

“I wanted to tell you how incredible the video is on calendaring.  Anyone who is involved in litigation or scheduling should purchase and watch this video, including every software manufacture who markets a deadline or calendaring program. There are some attorneys and paralegals I know personally who NEED this video as they are doing it wrong and it is only a matter of time, before their faulty calendaring catches up with them. I have taught and engaged in calendaring for over 20 years and I learned a few things I didn’t know from watching the program.  It was also nice to see that some of the things I believed to be correct in my teaching and practice were in fact correct.  Thank you for letting me check out the video.”  

Steven A. Dayton, J.D., Director of Paralegal Studies/Dept. Coord., Fullerton College

“What a great webinar!  So valuable to our students.  Thank you for creating such a useful tool.” 

Linda Gardenhire, Department Chair, Paralegal Studies, MTI College

“Your video is terrific. It is full of great information that is thoughtfully presented.”

Bryce Letterman, Esq., Instructor, Coastline Community College, Paralegal Studies

“I thought your calendaring video was great. I did end up showing it to the class. It had quite an impact — although being new to the process, many were a bit surprised at the complexity of the rules. Thank you for creating it! I would definitely use it again.”

Yvonne Mills, Instructor, Paralegal Program, De Anza College


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