Essential CA Civil Litigation Tools

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We offer three up-to-date tools for your California state court civil cases:


      • Litigation By The Numbers® (“LBTN”) ($199.50*) is a step-by-step practice guide bringing together the applicable codes, rules, and forms you need to get the job done. Following a civil case from filing the complaint to judgment and enforcement, it includes format of documents, deadlines and deadline calculation (particularly discovery and motion practice), eFiling, eService, and so much more. Whether you are a novice, experienced, or simply need to keep up on changes, LBTN and its twice yearly e-Update Service will be invaluable!  View LBTN excerpts here. *Thru 2/28/22 use Coupon Code FB-20 for $20 off your purchase of LBTN.
      • California Civil Litigation and Discovery (“CCLD”) ($109.50) was  originally written for paralegal civil litigation courses as a substantive companion to LBTN, but is quite popular in law offices. Its focus is the “behind the scenes” procedure, e.g., jurisdiction, standing, causes of action, discovery plans and strategies, and much more. View CCLD excerpts here.
      • Calendaring in State Court: Steps and Traps for the Unwary ($69.50) is a one-hour video which expands upon the 10-page calendaring section in LBTN, going deeper into the calendaring steps, identifying common mistakes and ways to avoid them, warning about recent changes affecting deadline calculations (including a change in holidays), and providing several calendaring exercises. The novice will learn correct practices from the outset rather than learning the hard way. Watch a preview here.

    Both books are revised as of January 2022, and include new rules

    re remote depositions and remote appearances.

    Our PDFs are bookmarked and delivered instantly. You will be able to search, highlight, add sticky notes, and save the files to your personal devices. You may also print one copy for your personal use. (NOTE: Since you can’t return a PDF, we don’t allow “returns” once PDFs are downloaded. Please don’t let that deter you; you can view a full PDF of an outdated version here.) 

    Be sure to add the LBTN e-Update Service to receive a completely revised PDF every January and July. You can cancel your e-Update Service at any time, and receive a full refund if you cancel before you’ve received an update.


    Thru 2/28/22 use Coupon Code FB-20 for $20 off your purchase of LBTN.

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