Legal Secretary Testimonials

“I really depend on your book and would feel absolutely lost without it!” 

Pat Seward, Rutan & Tucker, LLP, Costa Mesa

Litigation By The Numbers is the legal secretary’s bible!”

AshleyAnn Barnes, Long Beach, CA

Litigation By The Numbers is one of the most valuable resource books in our firm’s library.  Not only is it an excellent reference book for the legal secretaries and paralegals in my office, but for our attorneys as well.  I highly recommend this book!”

Elise Dresser, CCLS, Legal Secretary, Newton Remmel, Mountain View, CA

“Although I have been a legal secretary for over 20 years, I know how quickly rules can change and your book is a LIFE SAVER!!  I LOVE LITIGATION BY THE NUMBERS!  THE MOST USEFUL TOOL ANY LEGAL SECRETARY CAN OWN!”

Penny Anderson, Fontana, CA

“I cannot tell you how grateful I am that you have compiled this documentation.  It has helped me tremendously. Thank you very much for all of your hard work.  You have, and are, helping a great many people.”

Mary Ann Edwards, Sacramento, CA

“I purchased and have used for quite a few years your “Litigation by the Numbers” manual (my bible for civil litigation).  I can honestly tell you that when it comes to finding out information or looking for a “how to,” I refer to this manual as my quick and easy reference guide and have always located the information I need in record time. It answers many of the questions presented to me by my attorneys and others in my office as well, answers that you cannot easily locate elsewhere. BRAVO to its brilliant author!!”

Terri Shaw, Westminster, CA

“Julie, during my temping days, your book was my second Bible.  While temping, I was offered full-time placement at every assignment, and am happy to let you know that I have since accepted a permanent, full-time position with a powerhouse firm in Century  City.  Thanks!”

 Angel Walker Smith, Los Angeles, CA

“Julie Goren’s book “Litigation by the Numbers” is an excellent reference manual which covers the filing of a complaint thru the resolution of a case. Information is presented in a logical and concise manner. Her explanations of “what, how, and why” will answer any question you may have regarding each phase of a case. I keep my copy of this manual handy and always refer to it. This is an invaluable reference for any litigation secretary or paralegal.”

Estelle Pete, Orange County, CA

“Thank you for including motions to compel in your recent update. It’s helpful and comforting to have the information handy – you know I love my Litigation By The Numbers! Your explanations are concise and easy to refer to when I’m in a hurry.  I don’t know if or when my training will advance to a higher level of accomplishment, but your book will always be a help to me and my coworkers, at any level of understanding. Thanks so much!”

Betsy Birdsall, Los Angeles, CA

“I have been a legal secretary/legal assistant for almost 30 years. With the numerous, frequent changes occurring in the court system, and working with attorneys with diverse practices, there are always matters that arise that I do not perform on a daily basis and require some research. I can depend on Litigation By The Numbers as a research tool to get me through assignments in the less frequented areas. The step-by-step format allows me to feel confident that I have covered everything necessary to get my paperwork completed properly. It has proven to be an invaluable tool for a number of years.  Thank you.”

Penny Altman, San Fernando Valley, CA

Litigation By The Numbers is an invaluable resource for all legal professionals: the beginning and experienced litigation secretary, paralegals, office court clerks, and new attorneys. All sample documents are accompanied by clear explanations as well as cross references to the proper resource for greater details. The tips regarding properly-worded instructions for the court messenger are icing on the cake!”

Barbara Turner, Los Angeles, CA

“It should be a part of every California litigation secretary’s professional reference material.  It has proven to be an invaluable tool, and is the first book I turn to when I have a question regarding filing procedures.”

Nancy G. Commerdinger, Irvine, CA

“In my 25 years as a legal secretary, I have found Litigation By The Numbers to be the most informative, easiest to understand, and best illustrated handbook available to California legal secretaries. Our firm just bought several copies for the litigation floor, and immediately upon seeing it, secretaries started asking about buying their own personal copies.”

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