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Litigation By The Numbers®

The Essential California Civil Litigation Handbook

Paralegals – Testimonials

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Litigation By The Numbers® takes you step-by-step through the processes you don’t learn in your civil procedure or civil litigation courses. If you’re experienced, you’ll find that it’s a great way to keep current and quickly locate the latest rules, codes, and forms. The companion text, California Civil Litigation and Discovery, was written with paralegals in mind – fun stuff like court structure, subject matter and personal jurisdiction, drafting causes of action, summarizing depos, drafting and objecting to written discovery … you’ll need some guidance when you do these tasks the first several times! Our customers are:

  • Fresh out of school
  • Very experienced
  • In solo practice, small firms, large firms, government, and in-house
  • In CA, in other states, relocating to CA from other states

“Even as a paralegal with over 13 years of experience, LBTN is my first go-to source for anything litigation.  I use it all the time!  It’s definitely worth the investment for the book and the updates.”

Crystal Byrum, Paralegal, Law & Stein, Irvine, CA

“I have relied on LBTN and its companion volume many times in my freelance paralegal business. It’s a no-nonsense, tool you’ll refer to again and again.”

Jeff DiCello, Owner/Paralegal at DiCello Paralegal Services

“We love this book! Thanks for sharing. We recommend to all litigating paralegals out there!”

San Diego Paralegal Association on Facebook

“I’m now retiring after being a legal assistant/secretary/paralegal for more than 30 years. Can’t say that I will miss dealing daily with the fiasco the court system has become. I have appreciated our relationship over the years and still feel you have the single most important reference work for legal secretaries in California.”

Wendy Larsen-Cleaves, Leona Valley, CA

“LBTN is a jewel.  We use it all the time.  It is an easy to read and understandable, comprehensive resource.  In fact today I am using it to figure out how to serve someone who is avoiding service of process.”

Linda Fox, Paralegal, Placerville, CA

“My professor always told us to make sure we never lose this book because we would regret it. I am sure glad I listened because I am working for a litigation lawyer now and I use this book religiously. It’s a great tool!

Cristina Munoz, Paralegal

“For a paralegal, new attorney or student of the law, it is an excellent resource and falls into the KISS category of book — keep it simple stupid.”

Jason P. Gold, Paralegal, Long Beach, CA

“Whenever we debate procedure over here, my supervisor always asks, ‘Where’s your Litigation By The Numbers?’”

Betsy Birdsall, Paralegal, Los Angeles, CA

“I have had this book now since graduating the UC Davis program [2005] and have used to it to the point of falling apart! This was one of the best perks of our program and I absolutely rely on, and love this book. “

Macie R. Mc Kinstry, Paralegal, Stockton, CA

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