Testimonials from Attorney Services


β€œIt’s an excellent resource. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to make sure their court filings and service of process assignments are done right the first time.”

Steve Janney, Janney & Janney Attorney Service

“It’s a great resource so it’s no surprise to me that LBTN is the ‘go-to’ text for [the Orange County Association of Legal Administrator’s annual civil litigation seminar]!”

Mark Schwartz, Court Integration Manager at One Legal LLC

“I have never seen a more comprehensive, step-by-step manual on California procedure. It contains a wealth of useful, up to date information, and I recommend it to my clients.”

Jeff Karotkin, formerly Personal Attorney Service (now at One Legal, LLC)

“This is an excellent tool for the legal professional. I heartily recommend this source to both my staff and clients.”

Robert C. Porambo, Knox Services, Inc.