Testimonials from Attorneys


“Thank you again for publishing such a valuable resource.  I have been a LBTN subscriber from the outset, and would not want to practice without it!”

Douglas R. Donnelly, Attorney, Santa Barbara, CA 

“LBTN was assigned to me during law school in a CA civil procedure course. I loved the resource then and I continue to rely on it in practice today! I highly recommend it to any student or attorney.”

Eric Enciso, Attorney, San Diego, CA

“I wanted to personally thank you for providing a fabulous product all these years. You and your company are truly impressive.”

Lorraine G. Woodwark, Attorney, Santa Barbara, CA

“Your book is a great resource for . . . a new attorney that wants to make sure that his or her work is filed properly and is tired of asking for help, the sole practitioner that does a lot of his or her own work and the seasoned litigator that does not want to solely rely on support staff to make sure that all deadlines are met.”

Lynn A. Shinmoto, Attorney, Devirian & Shinmoto, Los Angeles, CA

“I would highly recommend LBTN for anyone who wants to minimize the time necessary to get the staff up to speed on legal procedures.”

Steven G. Mehta, Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

“LBTN has been the single most valuable book that I have purchased since becoming an attorney (and I’ve purchased quite a few).”

Eric Rechsteiner, Attorney, Redlands, CA

“I love LBTN! I turn to it constantly for answers that would take me hours of research to find otherwise! Other attorneys call with questions because I have the handbook, and they know we can find either an answer or a place to start inside! Because they always wanted to borrow it, they now have their own for themselves and their staff! Thank you for doing all the work for us!”

Tori Buckles, Attorney, Salinas, CA

“If you are an attorney or a paralegal, you need LBTN. I just cited it to another attorney on calculating dates.”

Jonathan Stein, Attorney, Elk Grove, CA

“I have practiced as a litigator and transactional attorney for over 35 years in several areas of law. I use LBTN to quickly identify the codes and rules relevant to the particular procedure I’m working on, and ensure that I don’t skip any steps or miss any filing and service deadlines.  I highly recommend it to both new and experienced attorneys.”

Myer Sankary, Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

“I had to do a fax filing of a demurrer yesterday.  I flipped to the right section in your book and, voila!  Everything was right there, with simple, easy-to-understand and comprehensive step-by-step instructions.  This book should be at the top of the list of gifts to give any budding lawyer who has just passed the bar.” 

Eugene Lee, Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

“I’m SO glad I purchased LBTN. It is my ‘go-to’ and has truly transformed my practice! “

Laura Mismas, Attorney, Placerville, CA

“I wish I had this when I was a young lawyer learning the practical stuff about litigation!”

Phyllis Pollack, Attorney/Mediator, Los Angeles, CA

“Your book is GREAT! Just won an MSJ thanks to your great book.”

David Ostrove, Attorney, Los Angeles, CA

“As a solo moving to California from Atlanta, GA, LBTN has been one of my most useful tools. I keep it behind my desk and refer to it for every filing and pleading.”

Steve Hoffman, Attorney, San Diego, CA

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