Litigation By The Numbers – July-2022



An instantly downloadable PDF of the July 2022 version of Litigation By The Numbers® (“LBTN”). No refunds once downloaded. Scroll down for more information.

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There’s a rule for everything in California State Court litigation. The ones you have to follow to prepare and timely file and serve your document could be in the Code of Civil Procedure, the California Rules of Court, or, as is usually the case, both. There are mandatory court forms for various procedures as well.  Litigation By The Numbers®, the California civil litigation practice guide relied on by legal practitioners and their entire staff, brings all of those codes, rules, and forms together in one place, and explains the procedures step-by-step. More importantly, it’s updated every January and July to keep up with the code, rule, and form changes.

This is an instantly downloadable and fully searchable PDF. You may highlight, add notes, and print. No refunds will be issued on this product once it is downloaded.



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