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Litigation By The Numbers®

The Essential California Civil Litigation Handbook

Litigation By The Numbers® (“LBTN”) (Rev. January 2016)

There’s a rule for everything in California State Court litigation. The ones you have to follow could be in the Code of Civil Procedure, the Rules of Court, or, as is usually the case, both. There are mandatory court forms, too. Litigation By The Numbers® (“LBTN”) – the essential CA civil litigation handbook updated every January and July, brings all of those codes, rules, and forms together in one place.

Watch our video to see why and how LBTN is relied on by everyone in the law office from the most experienced attorney to the most inexperienced trainee!

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California Civil Litigation and Discovery (“CCLD” or “Substantive Companion”)

Revised in January 2016, is a 218-page coil bound book. It takes a substantive approach to litigation, e.g., what the pleadings should say (naming parties, jurisdiction, stating elements of causes of action), rather than what they look like and how they are filed and served; discovery strategies and drafting hints (scope of discovery, discovery plans, drafting written discovery, objections, and responses) rather than format, limits, and deadlines, etc.

Several California paralegal schools and California law schools have adopted both books for their civil litigation and civil procedure courses. Click here for a list of those schools.

Available now on video: “Calendaring in State Court: Steps and Traps for the Unwary”

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